VAT FREE Diamonds

Round brilliant cut VAT free diamonds
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Buy VAT free Diamonds this Christmas


In the UK businesses that turnover less than £82,000 per year don’t have to charge VAT. ( For details click here).

As a new business we’re not at that threshold yet. We are able to offer our customers diamonds at 20% below what you would normally find in store or elsewhere on-line.  This must be strictly limited as we cannot go over this threshold and still not charge VAT.  We can supply:


Canada mark diamonds 0.30cts and above – Round Brilliant cut


Round Brilliant cut diamonds 0.5oct +

Princess cut diamonds 0.50ct +

Pear shaped diamonds 0.30ct+

Emerald cut diamonds 0.50ct+

All other diamond cuts


Enquire about VAT free diamonds


All enquires and commissions will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. At present,  enquires up to £60,000 can be considered.  We make bespoke diamond jewellery and source our diamonds on an ad-hoc basis.  If you are buying diamonds this Christmas then ask us for a quote and see how it compares to high street stores, on-line retails and other independent jewellers.


We’ll quote like-for-like and can source certificated and non certificated diamonds of all shapes colours and sizes.




Normally VAT free diamonds are only available to overseas visitors or people paying ‘cash’ meaning UK consumers feel they need to go abroad and buy ‘cheaper’ stones.  Our VAT free status means you can enjoy tax exempt status in the UK and with a full receipt for your goods from a UK based jeweller.


If you are thinking of buying diamonds this Christmas, take advantage of this one time offer.  High Street and on-line jewellery stores simply cant compete, its one of the advantages of being a small independent maker of bespoke jewellery.  Keeping commissions strictly limited ensure’s we’re able to offer our customers outstanding value, one of a kind designs and one to one service.


This VAT free offer applies to all of our products. Including our ethical coloured gemstones and fair trade or fair mined gold wedding rings.