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fairgold is used in our ethical jewellery



Ethics and social responsibility are a personal interest for us and we take an active role in making sure we know how the materials we use in our jewellery are mined and supplied.  We are registered goldsmiths with fairgold, and a Fairmined Liscensee, both initiatives to provide better conditions, access to markets and prices for small scale artisanal gold miners and their communities.

We also use Canada mark or other closed supply chain diamonds where possible in our jewellery and either buy our coloured stones direct from the mines or from suppliers that own mines themselves and share our values for responsible sourcing. All of our diamonds are covered by the Kimberley process although this is a process that doesn’t allow us to trace the stones exact origin and isn’t in itself a guarantee of ethical sourcing.


Fair gold ensures that its suppliers meet strict criteria relating to child labour, safe working conditions, women’s rights, clean technology, transparency and traceability, as well as paying a 5% social premium to mining communities to re-invest into their communities.

Fairmined is part of the Alliance for responsible mining (ARM) and is based in Colombia.  Fairmined  also facilitates entry to market to for gold mined by communities who uphold high standards of workers right, conditions and development.


fluorescent diamond pendant
HIdden initial fluorescent diamond pendant


Bespoke Jewellery design

Bespoke Jewellery design
Emerald cut diamond ring and pearl and pear-shaped diamond earring


The fair trade movement is a continually growing initiative that actively seeks out new suppliers.  It helps small scale miners to meet the strict conditions that must be met to become a certified fair gold supplier.  As our new business grows we will be taking an active role in helping to raise awareness of fair trade metal, encouraging customers to use it in jewellery and develop other aspects of jewellery supply.


There are currently very few fair trade metal suppliers meaning that fair trade metal, especially silver which is not mined for itself but is a by-product of  gold mining and is not always available.  Efforts are ongoing and new suppliers are to be confirmed in the next few months, having worked closely with fair gold to meet the criteria required.  Its part of our job as participants in the fair trade movement to increase demand for fair trade metal and make it an economic necessity for suppliers to meet the criteria.








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