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If you would like to know anything about our jewellery, VAT free diamonds, gemstones, ethics or anything else then please get in touch via any of the links or the contact form at the bottom of the page.  I endevour to reply to all enquiries the same day.


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4 thoughts on “Contact and links

  1. Hello Edward,

    I would firstly like to say that I really like your designs, drawings and paintings! I am a graduate in jewellery manufacturing and I wanted to know if you would be kind enough to help me by telling what paints to buy? I could really do with some guidance! Are you running any classes?
    Look forward to hearing back from you
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Hanan,

      Thanks for your kind comments on about the drawings, really pleased you like them. I use designers Gouache water colours, by Daler & Rowney although Im sure there are lots of other brands. I dont run any classes but if there is anything specific I can help with then you can e-mail me and I’ll try and help. My background is in manufacturing too, if your in London a short course at Central St Martins, run by Hannah Martin is great to learn painting. Thats where I learnt and although the course is only a week long, she covers all the basics you need to get going. Also Hannah is lovely and a great teacher.

    1. Hi Rena,

      Sadly not no, we didn’t meet our funding goal for the Kickstarter campaign so in the end we didn’t produce the book. I am running jewellery design classes in London now if that is something you are interested in?

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