Namibian Demantoid Garnet

Wholesale demantoid garnet parcels

Wholesale Demantoid garnet parcels We now have two  wholesale lots of Namibian demantoid garnet crystals for sale in our etsy shop.  Demantoid’s are a green variety of garnet known for its exceptional fire, almost unparalleled in coloured gemstones.     Lot 1 23.8g Demantoid Garnet from Namibia 3mm – 20mm This lot is for 23.8g […]

fluorescent diamonds

Fluorescent diamonds

      Fluorescent diamonds Amongst the various grading parameters on a diamond certificate you will notice fluorescence. Its a little talked about and seldom used natural property of up to 35% of diamonds that for the most part it totally invisible to the naked eye.  Above is an example of a GIA diamond certificate, […]

Rough Tanzanite, not suitable for faceting

Tanzanite gemstone

Tanzanite You may not have heard of the gem Tanzanite, but that’s because there hasn’t been much time for the word to get around. Discovered only five decades ago, Tanzanite is among humankind’s new found favourites. It has a one of a kind multicoloured, blue to violet to burgundy appearance, determined by crystal structure. This amazing […]



  Emerald is one of the most visually impressive and appealing gemstones with good quality stones often costing more than equivalent size diamonds. As well as these visual qualities it has an interesting mineral composition.  Emeralds, like people, are often beautiful but never flawless, near flawless stones are phenomenally expensive and extremely rare.  Inside an emerald […]

Scissor cut tourmaline

This Green Tourmaline was mined in Mozambique and is an octagon shape with scissor cut facets on the front. Traditionally stones of this shape will be cut with straight facets, an Emerald cut, however for this particular stone it was decided that scissor facets would make better use of the stones natural properties and best […]

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With many gemstones on the market, it can be hard to find one that suits your style and which makes you stand out. Thanks to its unique properties, tourmaline is a one of a kind gemstone that can exhibit more than one colour depending on the angle from which you look at it.   What […]


Aquamarine gemstone is a cyan (varying from blue to green) variety of Beryl, a single mineral with several varieties distinguished by their colours.  Emerald being the most well known for its vivid green colour. The term aquamarine is Latin for ‘Water of the Sea’ and it was known as the stone of coolness and relaxation […]


A bit about diamonds Diamonds are one of natures most exceptional creations and have an array of fascinating and beautiful natural properties.  Today they are used in jewellery and in industry for their beauty and their durability. The hardest natural substance known to man, diamonds are thought to have been discovered in India around 6,000 […]