Cushion cut demantoid garnet

    Cushion cut demantoid garnet Cushion cut demantoid garnet  6 x 6 mm square cushion cut demantoid garnet, Approx 1.31ct Origin: Namibia This stone has visible natural inclusions. To enquire about this stone please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.  Can be bought either loose or mounted as a […]

Emerald cut aquamarines

Emerald cut Aquamarines   Aquamarines are the birthstone for March and they are probably the most well known blue gemstone after Sapphire.  The best quality examples of Aquamarine are found in Brazil but the gemstone is found all over the world. The blue variety of the mineral Beryl, Aquamarines can be found in a range […]



    Malachite   Malachite is green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral which is used often in jewellery and decorative items because of its attractive distinctive banding.  It is a reasonably common and easily extracted mineral meaning it is a less expensive choice as a gemstone in jewellery although fine jewellery designers often turn to it. […]


Alexandrite is one of the rarest and most fascinating gemstones and is famed for its ability to change colour.  Discovered first in Russia’s Ural mountains an area with huge mineral wealth including the most sought after Demantoid garnets and now mined in Sri Lanka, East Africa and Brazil. Fine, gem quality stones are incredibly rare […]

Buy ethical diamonds

        It is entirely possible to buy ethical diamonds.  This means diamonds that you know, haven’t contributed to conflict, violence or human rights abuses on their journey from the ground to your finger,ear, neck or wrist.  In fact the mining of diamonds, precious metals and other gemstones can provide significant wealth for […]

Morganite engagement rings

Morganite engagement rings

Research about Morganite Engagement rings   Everyone who got married this year of 2015 must have considered Morganite as his or her Engagement ring. There are many reasons behind the popularity of this stone, today we will discuss with some depth about this, backed by first and second hand research.   Morganite, Morganite, Morganite – […]