Platinum and diamond 3 stone ring

  Platinum and diamond 3 stone ring   0.50ct Centre stone 0.20ct side stones (0.20ct total) Approx total carat weight 0.70ct   Diamonds from De Beers, mined in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana or Canada. Round brilliant cut, G/H Vs1   3 Stone engagement ring Handmade 3 stone round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring in platinum. […]

  This week we launched  a website that  helps you to plan trips to Africa, to visit mines, by listing people who offer tours and guide services.  In Tanzania earlier this year, we met Styve Mziray of Tanzanite cultural tourism (above, left) who helped us plan and execute a 2 day trip to small scale […]

Next stop, Tanzania!

      After my first successful gem hunting trip to Namibia at the beginning of 2015 I am delighted to be visiting Africa again, this time to Tanzania. Tanzania is probably most famous for being the only source of blue gem Zoisite in the world,  known to most as Tanzanite. Whilst I will be […]