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Styve Mziray from Tanzanite cultural tourism


This week we launched www.africaminetours.com  a website that  helps you to plan trips to Africa, to visit mines, by listing people who offer tours and guide services.  In Tanzania earlier this year, we met Styve Mziray of Tanzanite cultural tourism (above, left) who helped us plan and execute a 2 day trip to small scale Tsavorite mines in Northern Tanzania.

Styve has been organizing trips for academics, students and business people from his base in Arusha for years and you can find his services listed on the official Tanzanian tourist board website.  We found Styve’s help, expertise and local knowledge invaluable for our expedition saving us both time and money, getting us to places that we would have been unlikely to get to ourselves.

You can find Styve’s contact details on the site and in the coming weeks and months we’ll be adding other people who we have met on our trips to Africa.   At present the site acts only as a place to find and share information, you cannot book tours via www.africaminetours.com nor does www.africaminetours.com take a commission for tours booked with people listed on the site.

We hope that the site will help people wishing to visit mines in Africa to plan their trips and to help local tour guides, like Styve, to connect with visitors.  There is a blog on the site and we’ll be uploading posts about our own travels and experiences, as well as anything to do with mines or mining in Africa.  If you would like to contribute to the blog, weather you have used our site or not, then please get in touch, we would love to share your experiences and we can link to your blog or website if required.  We hope that by sharing information we can make the process of planning trips easier & safer and connect people from all over world with an interest in mining and development.

We’d also welcome contributions to our gallery and, again can link to your content if required.

www.africaminingtours.com is run from the UK by Edward Fleming and does host some affiliate links to help support the running of the site.  For any further information please contact Edward using the form at the bottom of the page.


africa mine tours
www.africamintours.com homepage



Mining is an extremely dangerous activity and non of the tours listed include a descent into any mine.  Anyone entering a mine does so entirely at their own risk and against the advice of www.africaminetours.com. www.africaminetours.com is an advisory site only and does not assume any liability for personal injury, death or damage to property incurred during a trip organised via a person listed on www.africaminetours.com, of which there is significant risk.  Entering a mine is very dangerous, cave ins, collapses and injuries from falling debris and unstable underfoot conditions are common and medical facilities are likely to be basic and several hours away, if available at all.

All travel in Africa should be carefully planned with consideration given to the conditions and likely event that your itinerary may be subject to significant revisions at short notice.  Before undertaking any tour you should consult your doctor.



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