Jewellery design classes

jewellery design classes



Hand drawing and rendering jewellery is still vital to jewellery designers and a great set of skills to have even if you aren’t in the jewellery trade.  You can create beautiful, life-sized jewellery designs that give clients a good idea of what their final piece will look like or just create jewellery designs that are stunning in their own right.


I am often asked if I teach jewellery rendering and the simple answer is yes.  I am available to book for one-on-one or small group tutoring sessions for a daily hire fee.  I am also currently looking for a suitable venue to hold evening classes in London, probably starting around October, where I propose to go over jewellery drawings, rendering and CAD techniques over an 8-10 week period.


The evening classes will follow a set structure where I will teach hand drawings skills, basic CAD drawing and model making and then rendering techniques for metal, diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls.  The one-on-one/group sessions can be more specialised and when booking you can specify  areas you would like me to cover, whether that be specific styles of jewellery or even how to render a specific gemstone.  If you would like a general overview of rendering skill I can follow a similar structure to the evening classes.

Jewellery design classes


One-on-one/group lessons (max 7 people) are £150 + £50 for every person over 1 -i.e.  1 Person is £150, 4 people would be £300.  This for 7 hours of teaching and with all materials provided. This means, paper, reference books, paints, brushes, palettes and drawing equipment, although you are welcome to bring your own and a list will be provided.  I am based in Hertfordshire and can go anywhere in London or within 30 miles of Bishops Stortford for the price quoted.   I am willing to travel further although travel costs/accommodation costs would need to be covered.


Evening course details TBC.   Estimated cost per person, £350, 8-10 x 2 hour weekly lessons. Some materials to be included.


If you are interested in either the lessons or evening classes when the details have been finalised, then you can subscribe to our newsletter or you can e-mail me directly at  One-to-one or group lesson booking available from Tuesday 28th June


jewellery design classes
Learn techniques for creating unique earring designs


jewellery design classes
Learn to draw and render coloured gemstone rings


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  1. Hello, I would like to ask for more information of jewellery drawing classes. Could you email me the details (including international students’ fee) please.

    Thank you very much.

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