Cushion cut demantoid garnet


Cushion cut demantoid garnet

Cushion cut demantoid garnet


Cushion cut demantoid garnet

Cushion cut demantoid garnet



Cushion cut demantoid garnet

Cushion cut demantoid garnet  6 x 6 mm square cushion cut demantoid garnet,

Approx 1.31ct

Origin: Namibia

This stone has visible natural inclusions.

To enquire about this stone please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.  Can be bought either loose or mounted as a piece of bespoke jewellery.  Full design consultation available.



About demantoids . . .

Known for their exceptional fire for a coloured gemstone, Demantoid Garnets aren’t widely available in jewellers in the UK.  Known as a particularly conservative market for jewellery and coloured gemstones in particular, UK fine jewellery retailers are reluctant to take a chance on coloured gemstones other than the most well known.

High-end jewellers in the capital may include demantoid garnets in their pieces but this would be mostly confined to London  as an international centre for jewellery and luxury goods in general, catering for the international market.  Outside of London, for sellers catering for the domestic market you’re unlikely to find demantoid garnets.

Although most consumers will be familiar with garnet, it will be the Pyrope variety which are brownish red in colour yet there are several varieties of Garnet.  Tsavorite garnets are probably the second best-known variety.  They, like demantoids are green in colour and are found in only  few locations worldwide.

Although not popular in the UK Demantoid Garnets are highly prized in Russia, maybe not surprising as some of the best quality Demantoids have been found in the Ural Mountains that form part of the traditional boundary between Europe and Asia.  Demantoid Garnets from that region with ‘horse-hair’ inclusions are regarded as the most valuable.

Not designated as a birthstone and not having benefited from marketing campaigns, the like of which have boosted sales of Tanzanite and Tsavorite, demantoid garnets will likely stay the preserve of dedicated rock hounds and jewellery collectors in the UK.

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