Emerald cut aquamarines

Emerald cut Aquamarines


Aquamarines are the birthstone for March and they are probably the most well known blue gemstone after Sapphire.  The best quality examples of Aquamarine are found in Brazil but the gemstone is found all over the world. The blue variety of the mineral Beryl, Aquamarines can be found in a range of colours from light blue, similar to blue Topaz, to a deep greenish blue.  These are the most popular and therefore expensive stones.

Below you can see some examples of Aquamarines of differing qualities and sizes.  We were asked to make an item of bespoke jewellery including and aquamarine and were able to show the customer a variety of stones to choose from.  One of the stones below is spoken for but the rest are available to buy as loose stones or to commission  as items of bespoke jewellery.


emerald cut aquamarines



emerald cut aquamarines



From left to right: 1.27ct Grade AA,  1.46ct Grade A, 1.48ct Grade B

You can see the difference in the colour grades in the photo above.  Most notably the grade B stone on the right looks very light compared to the other two. The difference between the stone on the left (Grade AA) and the one in the middle (Grade A) is less striking but visible to the naked eye.

These 3 stones are all 8 x 6 mm Emerald cuts .


emerald cut aquamarines






emerald cut aquamarines






The stone below is slightly larger than stones in the previous photos. It is a 9 x 7 mm calibrated stone and weighs in at 1.83ct.  It is a grade AA.



emerald cut aquamarines




You can purchase any of these Aquamarines as well other loose gemstones in our etsy store.  If you would like to commission an item of bespoke jewellery using these stones or any others then please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you.


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