A Jewellery design a day. Day 8, Pave Emerald pendant

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design emerald pendant

design emerald pendant

design emerald pendant

design emerald pendant


A Jewellery design a day

Day 8

Pave set emerald pendant


Round brilliant cut and pear-shaped emeralds set in black rhodium plated 18ct white gold.


Pave set emeralds can look amazing in black rhodium plated white gold and although  I will admit to generally prefering Tsavorites or Tourmalines over Emerlads, they remain the most well-known green stone.  Leading British jeweller Stephen Webster uses pave set emeralds set in his stargazer collection ( see below) and it generally allows for the colour of the stones to be more dominant than if they were set in a brighter white gold or ,as always used to be the case for Emeralds and most coloured stones, in yellow gold


You’ll notice in the last image that today’s design is on the same page as some other design with the same shape.  For an exercise like  ‘ a jewellery design a day’  it simply saves paper to try out a few different designs on the same piece of paper but this would not be acceptable to present to a client.  I see pages like this as experimentation pages and don’t be surprised to see elements from these designs popping up in later d, some of which will be fully fledged presentation standard paint ups.

Todays Jewellery design comes to you from Marseille, France.


Stephen Webster Stargazer earrings






Edward Fleming is a jeweller based in London and Bishops Stortford, currently studying Jewellery design at Central St. Martins.  After 10 years in the jewellery trade, having worked in jewellery manufacturing in Hatton Garden and in retail jewellers in Bishops Stortford Edward has turned his attention to jewellery design and combines studies alongside making bespoke jewellery for trade and private clients.


An advocate for more transparent and ethical sourcing within the jewellery industry, we are proud to be registered goldsmiths with Fairtrade gold and a Fairmined Licensee.  These organisations connect small-scale artisanal miners to the international jewellery industry and promote high standards of health and safety, workers rights, education and environmental impact at the mines they work with.


‘A jewellery design a day’, is a challenge to add one new jewellery design a day to the blog.  All designs are original and can be made commissioned to be made as items of fine jewellery.



Emerald cut diamond ring