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flux fair luxury



Flux Fair Luxury, will be holding the first responsible jewellery conference at the Goldsmiths centre in London.  The event aims to bring people together from within the trade who are looking to find out how they can make their business more responsible and to hear from key people in the jewellery industry who are taking action to improve the jewellery supply chain.  In the void that has been left by more widely recognised  jewellery trade ‘leader’s’ , who have failed to implement and advocate for positive change within the industry, FLUX has been born.

There will be 3 keynote speakers and  workshops throughout the  day covering key areas of the  jewellery supply chain.

Key speakers include:

  • Lina Villa – Executive Director Alliance of Responsible Mining (ARM)
  • Jack Cunningham – Group Sustainability Manager Gemfields
  • Orsola de Castro – Co-founder of Fashion Revolution


  • mining, sourcing and importing
  • design, production and manufacturing
  • retail, selling, marketing, PR and press/media

You can buy tickets online by following the link below



Who are Flux?

Flux (short for Fair Luxury) is an independent group of changemakers in the jewellery industry who educate, challenge and inspire others to follow responsible sourcing practices and promote transparency in their supply chain. The group represents all aspects of the industry and lead by example in each of their specialisms. Their aim is to provide an arena in which to discover and debate best practice surrounding today’s jewellery industry.


The Flux organising team for this event are,


David Crump, from Cockpit Arts


Anna Loucah, www.annaloucah.com


Amanda Li Hope, www.amandalihope.com


Jane Barnett (Estelle Levin Ltd) www.estellelevin.com


Rachel Sweeney (Cox + Power)  www.coxandpower.com
Stuart Poole and Gary Seneviratne (Nineteen48) www.nineteen48.com


Who can attend?

Anyone who is looking to find out more about making their jewellery business more ‘ethical’ or just wants to find out about the issues involved.