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Pear shaped diamond halo ring

Pear shaped diamond halo ring


The halo ring is a design classic.  The central diamond can be claw or rubover set and is surrounded by a pave set diamond ‘halo’.  Diamonds are also often set on the shank and sometimes even underneath the main diamond setting.


Any shape of diamond or coloured gemstone can be set into a halo setting but it is almost always round brilliant cut diamonds that are used in the halo or on the shoulders.   Pave or micro pave set.  Surrounding a gemstone with smaller stones adds sparkle  size to any item of jewellery.



halo ring
Pear diamond halo ring render


Pear Halo ring


We have designed this pear shaped halo ring around a beautiful 6 x 10mm pear shaped diamond to be surrounded by 1.3mm round brilliant cut diamonds with 2mm round brilliant cut diamonds on the side.  To be made in 18ct white gold, this particular example of the halo ring is to be rubover set an the should stones and halo stones will be pave set.


As designers and makers of handmade jewellery this ring will be made on site before being sent to our expert diamond setter, who will precisely set each stone into their settings.  In the case of the smaller diamonds in the halo, this will be done with the aid of a micro-scope, in whats known as micro-pave setting.




pear shaped diamond halo ring
side view of pear shaped diamond halo ring.



A rubover setting can be preferable if you lead an active lifestyle, There are no claws sticking up that can catch on clothing, and as diamonds reflect light that enters them from above, rather than absorbing it from below, you get exactly the same sparkle and fire that you would from a claw set diamond.



pear shaped diamond halo ring



Halo rings are a popular choice for people who are looking to re-mount or update an existing piece of jewellery.  Any gemstone from a ring, pendant, earring or bracelet can be taken from its old setting, and given a surround of diamonds to give it a new lease of life.


If you are interested in a pave set, halo ring then please use the contact form below, or any of the links here to get in touch.


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