Sustainable copper?

We’re in the process of designing a range of copper jewellery and are hoping to find  source of traceable copper if such a thing exists.  As with all mineral resources there are issues surrounding the extraction of the metal from various sources around the world and the international demand for the metal worldwide means that there is a vast trade.

In being essential for many everyday items such as electrical ,rather than a luxury product like gold or diamonds, it doesn’t cause the same news when bad things are revealed about its supply chain.  There isn’t the same irony that’s associated with suffering connected to a luxury product when its a product which is considered essential.

We ‘re hopeful that a source can be found but if not it is an exciting opportunity to start the process of exploring the supply chain and finding out how we can find a source of metal that is traceable and ethical.

Copper isn’t normally associated with fine jewellery but it has been used in jewellery for many years and the mixing of precious and non precious materials and gemstones can produce exciting effects for fine jewellery.