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fair trade gold



As far as mutually beneficial relationships go the assay office and fairtrade gold seem like  pretty good match, both giving each other a level of trust and assurance that the public can rely on.  For the jewellery trade the event of fair trade gold gives people prepared to embrace it, an internationally recognised and trusted label to prove that the gold and silver they use in  their jewellery represents fairness and value for everybody from the mine to the customers finger.

Likewise the assay office , who hallmark precious metals in the UK, give the fairtrade brand, more readily associated with coffee, tea and chocolate the credibility to take their place in the precious metal supply chain.


A British hallmark is a world standard in precious metal testing, with every item that is hallmarked having undergone an acid test to prove its purity and authenticity.  Click  here to find out more about hallmarking.  Without the involvement of the assay office, fair trade gold would have struggled to gain the traction it has.  The hallmark gives customers the total guarantee that the items they purchase is as advertised and proves that the fair trade gold initiative is a venture worthwhile becoming involved in.



Fairmined certified gold miners in South America


Miners at the San Jose mine, Íquira_Colombia (c) ARM





The simple fact is that is that the gold is exactly the same, gold is gold, AU and anything that is marked as 750, in the case of 18ct gold is 750 parts pure gold in every 1000.  Its the route it takes from mine to finger that can differ.  Some gold is extracted by large scale  mining operations with scant regard for the environment they ruin and local economy they bypass .  Where as metals from projects like fairtrade and Fairmined employ the skills of local artisan miners, empowering local communities and protecting their environment.



The fairtrade hallmark, liscensee and goldsmith registration scheme give you the opportunity to choose which one applies to the jewellery you wear.  For jewellers who are fully fledged Fairgold licensee’s a fair trade hallmark can be applied at the assay office when items are hallmarked alongside the normal hallmarks you are used to seeing on items of jewellery.



We are proud to be registered goldsmiths with fairgold and a Fairmined liscensee, meaning we are able to use ethically sourced metal in the production of our jewellery.


fairtrade gold