Positive things happening in the jewellery industry

As soon as you start mentioning ethical issues in the jewellery trade you start getting accused of negativity, so here are 3 positive things happening in the jewellery industry.  The only negative thing if you’re in the jewellery trade, is if you’re not involved.


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3 Positive things happening in the jewellery industry


positive things happening to the jewellery industry



Nobel peace prize to be made out of fairmined gold


For the first time in the Nobel Peace Prize’s history, the winners of this year’s award will be presented with a medal that is made out of Fairmined certified gold. The prize, featuring the head of Alfred Nobel, was struck at the Norway Mint in Kongsberg, Norway, ahead of the ceremony on December 10th where it will be presented to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet. The mediators are credited with saving the country on the brink of civil war in the wake of the Arab Spring.


The Norwegian Mint, which produces the medal, has teamed up with the creators of the Fairmined Certification, Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), in a bid to show that the problems faced by artisanal and small-scale gold miners in the world can be transformed into positive stories


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positive things happening to the jewellery industry

Cred Jewellery Grace collection wins engagement ring award



The Grace collection, shortlisted by industry buyers and voted as the winning collection by the public, is a range of 6 engagement rings all priced at under £1000. Using craftsmanship & metalwork techniques to emphasise the beauty of the Fairtrade gold, combined with delicate diamonds to make these elegant & graceful rings.


The Engagement ring Jewellery collection of the Year shows that not only are the designs exciting & award winners, but that Fairtrade jewellery is affordable as well as ethical.


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positive things happening to the jewellery industry

Facets PR host first fair trade gold press day



Organised by facets PR and featuring jewellery from fairtrade gold licensee’s including, Cred Jewellery,  Sorrel Bay fine jewellery,  Arctic circle diamonds, Hockley Mint and Anna Loucah the first ever fair trade gold day helped to mark the certification of mining communities in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, increasing the available amount of fair trade gold to the market.








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