Morganite engagement rings

Morganite engagement rings

Research about Morganite Engagement rings


Everyone who got married this year of 2015 must have considered Morganite as his or her Engagement ring. There are many reasons behind the popularity of this stone, today we will discuss with some depth about this, backed by first and second hand research.


Morganite, Morganite, Morganite – shouted every gem show in 2015


No matter which gem show you visited in 2015, every gemstone or jewellery show had buyers for this peach pink precious gemstone coming from the beryl family. The JCK Las Vegas show in June 2015 had an increased popularity for Morganite engagement rings as many retail houses installed Morganite into their engagement ring line. Not just carrying engagement rings, but most also carry a collection of Loose Morganite stones. The point is, Diamonds sold because of its marketing, we all know that. Morganite is selling because major stores are carrying them as Engagement rings, thus there is more marketing involved.


Color of Morganite


One of the 4 C’s – the colour – is the most important factor when judging Coloured stones. Think of Paraiba tourmaline, it is just the colour of “Blue-green” that has brought this stone into spotlights of major high end fine jewellery stores around the world. Similarly, Morganite’s color is the reason for its popularity.


Have a look at the colour of chart below here, this chart, really expresses the different shades of Morganite. The illustration is very precise in terms of the hue and saturation.

Morganite engagement rings

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Research done on Morganite Engagement rings:
According to research, more than 50 people (from the total of 174 people) on the Internet had views that Morganite makes a great engagement ring.  That is more than 30% of the people out of all. The analysis to this research is that, Morganite being a Pink beryl, is a lovely stone to be proposed by. When a lady is being proposed they don’t look at the design only, but the colour of the stone also. Diamonds have been an expensive and standard option being used for years. Diamonds are yes a girls best friend, but Morganite is the girl’s girlfriend.  

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