Ethical gold wedding rings



The only part of  the wedding day that stays with you, well that you wear everyday.  The wedding ring takes many different forms now and one of the growing trends is for ethical gold wedding rings.  These are rings that, like normal wedding rings, can be made into any design  but with the striking difference that the metal used comes from certified suppliers via Fairmined and Fairgold.


As jewellers we form the end of a supply chain that stretches across the globe.  Metal that has been mined, refined and exported starts with small mining communities who enjoy better working conditions and a social premium to invest in their community because of initiatives such as Fairmined and Fairgold.

Bespoke Ethical gold wedding rings

We make wedding rings by hand, to order.  We can help you to choose one that is right for you using either 9 or 18ct white or yellow gold from certified suppliers.  Some typical examples of wedding rings  we make are simple bands in a variety of shapes or profiles and widths. Below are some examples of a cross sections of rings we make and all these profiles can be made in widths from 2mm up to 11mm in the metal of your choice.  The rounder profiles offer a little more comfort where as the rings with a flat edge to them are ideal for fitting up against an engagement ring.


The process of hand making a fair trade wedding ring can take as little as a week but leaving 3 weeks is ideal.  As an additional service we will clean and polish your engagement ring ready for your big day regardless of where is was purchased. (I.E Not from us)  You can also have your fair trade wedding ring hand engraved on the inside (or the outside) and even add diamonds or coloured stones to the design.


A highly polished,  matte,  scratched  or otherwise textured finish can also be added.


ethical gold wedding rings
Fair trade wedding ring profiles


If you would like to commission a custom made fair trade wedding ring  then use the link on the contact us page or fill out the form at the bottom of the page.  We currently have examples of our unique designs to view here and work for sale via