gemstone for sale 5.68ct green tourmaline

Green gemstones that are not Emeralds

Green gemstones that are NOT Emeralds

Emeralds are the best known green gemstones.However they are often heavily included and can cost more than diamonds.  There are plenty of other green gemstones on the market that offer better sparkle, better clarity and a whole variety of colours at a better price.  Emeralds can have deep cracks and are often ‘oiled’ to fill these cracks, meaning you have to be very careful when cleaning them. Emeralds are also relatively soft and you should avoi wearing them everyday, especially as rings!  Here is a run down of our top 3 green coloured gemstones that are NOT Emerald.

Tsavorite Garnet

green gemstones tsavorite

Tsavorite garnet – Still on the pricey side but tsavorite garnets offer a fantastic vivid green colour that rivals the best Emeralds.  Larger sizes stones are very rare and the stone is only found in a few locations worldwide, mostly eastern Africa.  Because of the shape of the crystal, square cushions cuts like the stone in this picture are seldom seen on the market.  Tiffany marketed the stones when it was discovered by the same gemmologist who discovered Tanzinite.


Demantoid Garnet

Namibian Demantoid Garnet
Namibian Demantoid Garnet

Demantoid Garnet – Another variety of garnet that you may not have heard of.  Demantoid garnets colour varies  from intense green to light brown but its fire is almost unparalleled for coloured stones.  Ligher coloured stones offer the best example of this and sparkles better than a more intense green stone.  Russian demantoid garnets with a ‘horsetail’ inclusion can be highly sought after.  The rough crystals in these photo above are from Namibia.


Green Tourmaline

gemstone for sale 5.68ct green tourmaline
5.68ct Octagon Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline – Tourmaline comes in so many colours but it is probably best  known for being green.  Cyan blue Paribaba Tourmalines are the most expensive. Exciting dichroic crystals, expertly cut can produce gemstones with rich green or blue colouring.   Flashes of other colours when viewed from different axis can be seen.  You can find tourmalines in many locations around the world. Its crystal structure means you often see Emerald or Octagon shaped when the stone is cut.




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