edward fleming jewellery design pinterest

My top 3 Pinterest boards

My top 3 Pinterest boards

edward fleming jewellery design pinterest
‘Black’ Board on pinterest


1.The Black Board – Directly influenced by Art Comes First ,who’s tumblr account is often organised into a rich stream of colour grouped photographs.  I take the most care of which photos I add to this board and get  the greatest pleasure when I find an image that fits.  Its the board that people often are most likely take multiple pins from and follow. Its the the rich textures that these black objects, surfaces and forms provide when interacting with light that makes this the favourite of my ‘colour’ ( the other being red and green) boards and all boards.  For any fellow jewellery illustrators black is a very rewards colour to paint and add texture and depth too.



Edward Fleming jewellery design pinterest
Lighting board on pinterest



2.Lighting – I sometimes think this board suffers from an identity crisis due to the many differing styles of lighting pinned on here.   Its a good candidate for re-defining and splitting up into a series of boards of different style lighting, although I have no idea how to define them.   If I wasn’t going to be jeweller then I think id like to design lighting, what’s to say I wont one day.  Everything is about light, a room, a picture, a photograph, jewellery, everything visual is about light.  You can depict 3d objects and textures on a flat surface by mimicking the behaviour of light and I think that’s amazing.  That said this board is as much about the sockets and hanging apparatus of light that the light itself.

Ring design inspired by light
Design inspired by silvio wolf


3.Cuban interiors – A colourful new comer, the green interiors were the inspiration behind my green board but in the end I felt the grandiose but decaying interiors deserve a board of there own.  Fascinatingly grand yet dilapidated and dated I wouldnt change a thing about any of the interiors here.  Having collected pins on various other boards then blitzed Cuban interiors I fear that genuine contenders for this board will be few and far between.  There’s already a couple of dupes.


Of all the social networks our favourite is definatly pinterest, which doesnt even like to call itself a social network.  Essentially its not, its a social bookmarking tool and I like to think of it as an online mood-board which is just one of the many things I use it for.  My actual mood boards on there , I keep hidden.  Especially while a project, design or collection is still in development.  Im sure one day I will make them public, hopefully as an intersting insight into the workings of my design and the processes and information helped to create it  but for now all of my public boards are just collections of pictures I like.   As my boards become more numerous and specific,( my jewellery board is now getting split into jewellery illustrations, manufacturing, earrings etc) I hope it offers an insight into what I see and value in an image


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