Jewellery trends on show at Coachella 2015



Coachella 2015 Jewellery

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, or the annual music and arts festival held in Indio, California is the venue for many different genres of music as well as a magnet for young celebrities experimenting with the latest jewellery trends.  You have rock, indie, electronic dance playing from individual stages and art sculptures and installations strewn around the desert venue.

Several stages continuously host live music that started in 1993 at a concert performed by Pearl Jam. Now Coachella in the desert has become a great venue for hosting large events. Coachella is touted as of the largest, most famous, and most profitable music festivals in the United States. In 2014, Coachella brought in more than $78.5 million.

Coachella is a trendsetter for music and fashion, and what you wear may be seen as fashion’s pick the rest of the year. Gawk at the celebrities at Coachella to see their favourite jewellery picks.


Jewellery at Coachella

As in years past, Coachella is all about layering. The more, the better. Start out with an amazing choker style that is trending right now. Also trending is boho, tribal, and beach cultures. Everything is designed to create a mood of relaxation.

Fashionistas adorn themselves with tribal-inspired jewellery pieces. These are oversized shapes that stand out, checkers, necklaces that emphasize your chest with rows of silver coils. Watch for extended metal chain link fringes or tribal-inspired beading and embossed plates. Body harnesses are used to add a directional touch to casual styling s. Body harnesses are made with different metals all stained in gold. Gold is the accessory word at Coachella 2016.




Add body jewellery in the form of instant tattoos as a must-have. Tattoos are updated with metallic surfaces that create a high fashion twist. Striped gold and silver cuffs look like a tribe getting ready for war; especially when place high on the arm. Oversized crystalline graphics are tattooed on the back of the hands and beaded “bracelets” are awesome near to the shoulder. The theme of Coachella seems to be tribal.


Coachella music festival desert style is a destination for party-goers to let down their hair and pile on nose ring jewellery, bindis, body chains and feather headdresses. Not as separate accessories, but all at one time.

Headdress inspired silver ring


Some of the best looks in jewellery and fashion starts are at Coachella. Flares, denim cut-offs, and spectacular jewellery. Tribal bead loom bracelets are very popular as are turquoise stones with leather accents. Coachella head chain, Bohemia style is popular, and you will see Seti tribal fringe necklaces on hundreds of festival goers. The summer music festival jewellery craze is stackable rings and bracelets. The more bracelets you have on your arm, the more you will be hailed as a style icon.


You can also find an angel wing golden agate necklace in addition to Swarovski bracelet, armband and luxury necklace. Ear cuffs inspired by the Hanger Games is also seen, but a favorite is a Sanjeev tribal cuff festival bracelet. Wear black crystal and feather dangles from your ears. And the Coachella, a turquoise breastplate leather necklace is inspired by tribal Native American Navajo Necklace and Indie Rocker Boho.


Don’t leave the Coachella festival without a vintage southwestern ring. It is almost like a colour skull, but with an Indian flare.