Bespoke Jewellery design


Bespoke jewellery design

Edward Fleming is an independent jewellery designer, maker and gemstone buyer based in London and Hertfordshire.  With 10 years experience in the trade, spent mostly in the workshops of London’s Hatton Garden, we are able to bring you a selection of quality, original bespoke jewellery.

Through our jewellery we tell the story of how a beautiful form can often hide a malevolent intend, mirroring themes we see in nature and human behavior.  We explore these themes visually through the use of diamonds natural, but seldom used properties. Our bespoke jewellery  intrigues and challenges whilst upholding traditional values of craftsmanship and quality.  We value originality in design, quality in manufacture and diligence when sourcing materials.

We frequently challenge the industry to improve their supply chain and do more to ensure that fine jewellery really can be considered to be ethical.  We are registered goldsmiths with fair gold and a fair mined licensee as well as using Canada mark diamonds and coloured gemstone from traceable sources.

We design and handmake engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings to order and will guide you through selecting the right diamond or coloured stones, metal and setting.



canada mark engagement ring



Design process

We embrace the creative process and can help you realise your vision in jewellery using hand drawn sketches , technical drawings, paintings and 3D computer models.  Our range of services include custom made bridal jewellery, re-models and remakes of existing jewellery and the sourcing of rare gemstones from around the world.

We personally visit the mines and negotiate direct with the miners to ensure we know exactly how our supply chain is managed and can ensure the safe working conditions of every body involved in the process as well as fair prices.  Cutting out various middle men allows us to source rare and valuable stones at prices you wont find anywhere else but a trade only gemstone dealer.

Ethical jewellery

We’re proud to offer jewellery that we know benefits everybody involved in the supply chain as well as mining communities as a whole. We are registered goldsmiths with fairgold and  a Fairmined licensee, we also use Canada Mark diamonds as well as coloured gemstones from traceable sources.  We visited Namibia at the start of 2015 to see the positive impact the jewellery industry can have, you can read about our experience here and on our blog we often post articles about ethical issues and advances within the jewellery trade.

Our jewellery ranges are made in UK and we enjoy working closely with you to create a piece that is unique, beautiful and responsible.  Our knowledge and experience in making jewellery for some of the countries top independent jewellers means you can be assured of jewellery the very best quality.

If you would like to find out more about having a piece unique of jewellery design and made for you, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.  Trade enquires welcome.


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  1. Hi, I am trying to source a pale pink natural sapphire that has been ethically mined (ideally shallow mined). Would you be able to help me? Thanks, Tally

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